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About Us

In 1983 The Anglican Institute, an educational ministry of All Saints, Margaret Street in London, under the direction of Lesslie Newbigin, opened an American branch in St. Louis, MO, under the leadership of Bishop Michael Marshall, whose specific mission it was to articulate afresh a durable Anglican identity for a new generation.


In 1991, then Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev George Carey initiated Operation Springboard with Michael Green and Bishop Marshall to re-evangelize the Anglican Communion. 


In the 1992, to assist Bishop Marshall's ministry with Operation Springboard, the Anglican Institute was moved to Colorado Springs, CO where the work was expanded to include large conferences which brought together theologians from around the Communion to reinvigorate the intellectual life of our church. This vision became the major focus and identity of the Institute


After a decade of conferences held around the world and with a significant ministry of publishing, the Anglican Institute joined with the scholars of SEAD to write position papers and documents for the Communion Primates in face of the developing crisis over essential issues of faith and practice within The Anglican Communion.


In 2006 the Episcopal Church, unable to mount a serious theological or biblical challenge in its own defense, moved against the Institute and its sponsoring parish church with law suits to impede our work. 


As our Lord promised, the gates of hell cannot prevail against His church, the work of the Institute  focused on developing strategies, relationships, and models for renewed orthodox parish ministry in the midst of a deteriorating cultural and ecclesiastical environment.


With an ever increasing interest in formal liturgical worship and disciplined theological study, the Institute has moved from local theological discourses to a larger internet presence featuring The Lectionary Project, a week by week commentary on the ACNA lectionary designed for sermon preparation and lay bible study, written by Fuller Seminary Professor Dr. David Parris.


Already present through on line significant papers from its archives, the work of Anglican Radio, and an upcoming series of residential training in Anglican distinctives, the Institute’s mission remains that which was first given to us by Lord Carey in 1993, to promote a vigorous, vibrant, historic Christianity grounded in the sturdy tradition of Anglicanism. The Anglican Institute seeks to help the church reclaim its historic identity and spiritual focus for the mighty works of God in a contemporary setting, with dignity, grace, and a sense of His abiding truth and presence.

Our Staff
The Ven. Cn. Donald Armstrong


David Parris, PhD

Lectionary Project Director

Michael Porter

Anglican Radio

The Rev. Cn.
Eric Zolner

Intern Program Director

Curt Emery


Sarah Stonestreet

Events Coordinator